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I wanted to build the Simpson's TV Project by Brandon Withrow. It was difficult to find the parts without a detailed list, but eventually I found what I believe are the correct parts (I am putting one together with the "New" Iuniker display, and the latest Raspberty PI Zero W 2.
I hope this list is useful to some people who would like to build the project.

NOTE: I am an Amazon Affiliate, and may earn some money if you order from these links. There is no additional cost for you

Brians Name Á Amazon Link Description
1.5” 4ohm 3W Audio SpeakerE 3 Watts, 4 Ohm, 4.4 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches
SD Memory Card, 64gb 64GB, Ultra MicroSDHC, UHS-I Memory Card, C10, U1, Full HD
Adafruit Mono 2.5 W Audio Amplifier  2.5 Watt, mono amplifier
Micro USB to DIP Breakout Board Female Micro USB breakout board. Can use "C" or mini board if thats how you are going to power the TV 
Raspberry Pi Zero W Can use the Newer Raspberry PI Zero 2 W, but it is not listed on Amazon yet; the newer version is faster, cheaper, and easier to find  You can also use a Raspberry Pi Zero (no wifi), just use ssh to connect via a usb data cable plugged into the usb port. You want a PI WITHOUT headers, make sure you aren't ordering a case!
1K Trim Potentiometer Potentiometer Body Size: 6x6mm or 7x7mm or 8x8mm; 1K Pot
Micro Push Button Switch 6x6mm or 7x7mm, 8x8mm probably will not fit; latching, pushbutton
22 Gauge Wire Black/Red Pair - Alternative - Various Colors Stranded 22 AWG
iUniker 2.8 inch 640x480 TFT Screen  
Micro USB Male Solder Plug  Can use male plug and cable from Micro USB charging cable

Different Iuniker Display Board?

The display board that I received 4 rows of pins (2 at the top, and 2 at the center) and had the following information silkscreened onto the bottom right: MZDPI-VGA-ZERO 2018.3.28 VERSION: B+

The changes from Brian's instructions are documented on this PDF or this SVG file. I have just gotten as far as where the screen asks for a login (I haven't been able to connect to WiFi yet, but that is not a concern with the display.

NOTE:Because the middle row of pins (where you will solder the Pi) are short, you may want to solder the wires on these pins (as close to iuniker PCB as possible) in a tight loop of wire, with shrink tubing
soldering the PI on.

Changes For "New"  Iuniker Display Board

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