AMI Continental 2 Replica

Ami Continental II Ami Continental II
AMI Continental 2 Original AMI Continental 2 Replica

Some time ago I found, on ebay, some plans for a AMI Continental 2 replica. More information can be found on: Mob-Jukeboxes

I deciced to give it a try and start my new 'hobby' project. I hope to start soon on this replica as soon as I cleared up my small work shed.
If you live in the Netherlands and would like to join me in building your own replica, let me know and we might be able to combine certain things.

I found that many of the materials mentioned in the plans are also available in the Netherlands but you need to search a little:

MDF / Aluminium / Perspex - Widely available in the standard DIY stores such as Gamma , Praxis and Karwei.
Bendy MDF - Available at Hornbach and (apparently) some Gamma stores (Duiven).
Spray Paint (Plasti-kote fleckstone) - Available at Praxis.
H section Plastruct 3.2mm - Available at Schleiper.
Front Mural Difuser + AMI/Stereo-round - Complete replica available from Stamann. (Diffuser , AMI + Stereo Round inserts)
Front Mural Glass - Complete replica availalable from jukeboxpartsservice.
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