Interface Hardware Model Description Customers
001 DBV/EBA/IBA Parallel Code Interface IGCA
002 WBA/DBV Pulse Interface Various
002/003 WBA/DBV Pulse / Serial Various
003 WBA  JCM Standard; bi-directional serial interface All
003B WBA Standard ID-003 with enhanced “B” interface for barcode instruments. Bally Systems. Harrah’s Corporate
003WS WBA ***For WMS Games Only*** WMS
004/Bar DBV ID-004 with a few extra codes included for barcode ticket data passage. CDS, Amtote
011 DBV Bill acceptor must be reset in order to intialize Sigma
015 DBV Bi-directional serial interface, includes bar code messaging Sigma
022 DBV Measured pulse interface; defined by IGT IGT only
022/023 WBA/DBV Measured pulse interface; defined by IGT IGT only
023 DBV Similar to ID-022 IGT only
024 WBA/DBV Bi-directional interface designed by IGT; also known as “netplex” IGT only
033 TSP-02 SII compatible printer protocol Bally, Konami etc.
042 DBV Pulse mode only Leisure Entertainment
044 DBV Includes both pulse and 1-direction serial Bally (pre-2K), Williams, and others
044P DBV Interface designed to be backwards compatible with Bally Games Bally
044P/045P DBV   Bally
045 DBV Contains a stack signal and messaging included to support barcoding Bally (pre 2K)
045P DBV Same as ID-045 with additional messaging Bally
045W DBV Requires stack signal for coupons only Williams
0C3 WBA Bi-directional serial interface designed several years ago Aristocrat
0D3 DBV-301 MDB Vending customers
Enhanced AD-02 AD-02 Enhanced Interface. Source Technology, others
MDB DBV-301 MDB (Not designated ID-0D3 because this is not manufactured by JCM) Vending customers
Standard AD-02 Standard AD-02 interface EMN8


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