bingo pinball and bally em slot videos

Bally EM Slot Service Guide
Producer Alan Marriage
Length around 4 hours
Price (includes shipping) $25
Current Version Release Date 05/22/10


by: phil

While bally was busy churning out bingo and flipper games in the 1960's and 1970's, they were also not too quietly changing the slot machine business from the earlier purely mechanical devices to hybrid electro-mechanicals (EM's).

Unlike the bingo machines, there's a lot more technical documentation available for these games, both from bally as well as compilations like the excellent EM service manual from liberty bell books.

While the books and manuals are a great source of information, watching someone do things is often better. So Alan hauled out his camera and starting digging into warehoused machines, covering basic operation, lubrication and troubleshooting. The first couple hours covers:

  • background info and reference materials
  • getting into the 742-107A and removing the hopper and reel assembly
  • coin accepting
  • reel bundle disassembly, cleaning and lubricating
  • stopping the fan to set up a payout
  • reel wipers and contact plates
  • hopper operation and safety timer
  • payout counter
  • debugging a payout problem with jumper wires

The second couple hours looks at more complex machines - multipliers, buys-a-pay, multi-line pays, etc. - and more typical problems.

  • the 5-line 873c's gummy stepper unit
  • 1088-1 reel bad spin
  • payout counter
  • bad lights
  • 1088 improper payout
  • handle release failure
  • wiring faults

Wrap it up with a troubleshooting review, warehouse slideshow and a little behind the scenes peek at how easy it is to make a video :-)

The video will either be distributed on two single layer dvd's or one dual-layer, depending on what alan feels like doing.

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