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Seeburg Ed's
Common Missing Items
Frequently Missing Items
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For information on how to date your Library Unit, check out
the FAQ page for the
Year/Style/Color Chart.
Mechanism Covers
A Different Cover for Each Year
Vertical Brace
Removable Back Panel Models Only
You need to remove the brace if you
want to pull the mechanism, just make
sure you put it back. Without the brace,
the cabinet is less rigid, and your top
may deflect over the 3' length -
especially if you've got a 60 lb vintage
tube amp sitting on it!
Cartridges and Needles
Mono and Stereo Records
SEEBURG Redhead Cartridge
High Fidelity Magnetic
Model 3145-09D
The favored replacement cartridge.  Allows you to play Stereo Records (in
Mono).   These are no longer in production are now fetching top dollar on
ebay.  They sometimes sell for more than the LU itself.
Early Production
M100B style cover 1951
HF100R style cover 1954
K200 style cover 1957
I've seen evidence that suggests LU mechanism covers
had a couple peel-n-stick decals on them.  These covers
were hidden from public view and not visible unless
servicing the juke.
Cam Lock and Key
set into pull-knob
Cam Lock Tongue
Back Panels
45 rpm Models
Type "A"
Console Models (full height back)
Type "B"
LU Models (3/4 height back w/ 2 holes)
Type "B"
LU Models (3/4 height back w/ 1 hole)
Lubrication charts were  pasted to
inside face of back cover or inside
face of left side-panel.

Different models had slightly
different vent holes cut into the back
panel.  If you have a panel different
than the one shown above, please
send me a tracing of it, and I'll send
you a copy of a brochure or
magazine ad in exchange.

See "Parts" page for a detail plan
with specifications on how to
recreate your missing panel.
Flip-Down Glass Door
3-Sliding Glass Doors
Glass Doors
45 rpm Models
Later model Seeburgs had the single flip-down glass door
with lock.  Based on brochures and ads, it looks like this
was offered in 1953 onwards.
Early model Seeburgs had the 3-sliding glass doors.  
Based on brochures and ads, it looks like this was offered
from 1953 an earlier.   Please note that he example shown
on the right is missing a large "Seeburg Select-o-Matic
200" decal on middle glass door.
Most LU's that go through ebay are missing the key is not the entire lock itself.  The lock is a useful
feature, especially to keep the door from accidentally swinging open during transportation
Reproduction covers in the various styles are available from
A-1 Jukebox and Nostalgia, Inc.  Check out my "Repairs"
section for more information.
LU's came equipped from the Seeburg factory with the famous
Redhead cartridge.This cartridge is a mono lateral-responding cartridge
(which nearly all mono cartridges are) and will play both channels of
stereo records.  The stereo 45-45 record standard was developed for
just this reason - so that the stereo records would be compatible with
older mono players.  The two channels are combined (added together
or "folded") into one mono signal.  BUT, the older mono cartridges
tended to cause excessive wear of stereo records due to the fact that
they did not have good vertical compliance.  This is why a proper stereo
cartridge (or at least a stereo stylus assembly) is better for playing
stereo records.  So, although a redhead can be used to hear both
channels of stereo records, it is not recommend because it will wear the
vertical portion of the signals and render the records very noisy when
you play them on a proper stereo player which reproduces the two
channels separately.  It's also desirable to use the slightly smaller
stylus tip radius of 0.7 mil for stereo rather than the 1.0 mil tip that was
common for mono microgroove records.
•The information above has been provided courtesy of Greg Bogantz•