I am putting together an on-going Contact List/Registry of people who own Seeburg
Select-o-Matic Library/Custom/Console Units (16, 33, 45, & 78 rpm).  There are already
over 100 people on the list with all levels of experience/knowledge.  The purpose of this
list is so that people can contact and help each other fix/repair/get parts/sell parts.  
Would you like to have your name on this list?  If so, please email and let me know what
unit(s) you own, descriptions, parts you may need, parts you may want to sell, location,
etc.  The names on this list will only be given out to other people on this list via email
about everything 3 months or so.  Don't worry, you will not get spam if you decide to be
put on the list, and your information will not be sold or published on the web.

I often get asked,  
"What year is my machine and how many were made?"  As a result,
this new Registry now incorporates an optional Survey.  The purpose of this Survey is to
compile as much information as possible regarding production dates, quantities, and
variations.  Please fill out as much information as possible, and enter information exactly
as it appears on your jukebox ID plate (attention to hyphen location).

Not into surveys? At work and don't have your jukebox information at hand?  Just plain
lazy?  Don't worry, just fill out what you can or want.  I'd rather get an email with little
information, than no email at all.  Don't let this survey keep you from writing to me - just
scroll down to the bottom and fill out the Registry Contact Information portion.
Registry Contact Information

    Your information will only be given out to other
    Seeburg Owners on this list via email.  Don't
    worry, you will not get spam if you decide to
    be put on the list, and your information will not
    be sold or published on the web.
"Thanks in advance for
taking time to complete

-Seeburg Ed
Don't worry about getting everything perfect,.  
Before I incorporate your information into this
informal Contact List, I will send you a copy
FIRST so that you may review your
information and make any changes you
desire.  Once you review the list, you'll see
what it's about and you'll have a better idea of
what you may want to add/change.

Make sure to include what parts you need or
would like to sell!

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Seeburg Ed's
Contact Info & Registry
Contact Information
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& Survey
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...you will not receive any spam - I guarantee it
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