Literature for Sale
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Am I Missing Anything...?

I'm always on the lookout for any information related to these Seeburg units.
If you come across any:

  • Brochures
  • Magazine Advertisements
  • Magazine Articles
  • Technical Papers
  • Warranty Cards
  • Distributors Labels
  • Servicemen Decals
  • Receipts
  • Price Lists
  • Packaging Information  
  • Factory Envelopes
  • Etc.

Please contact me (see "Contacts & Registry" page), I'd like to hear from you.

Click links below for more information
Magazine Ads
Magazine Articles
Technical Papers
Tech. Literature Links
Seeburg Ed's
I'll burn a custom CD with any combination of literature you select from the categories below.  
Prices are indicated in the lower left-hand corners.  For the most part, I'm only charging $1 per
page for a high resolution color scan of a vintage  original and burning of CD.   Please note that
collecting these originals on ebay would take you YEARS and  would cost up to 10 TIMES the
amount listed by the time you factor in S&H for each individual item.  A great deal of time and
effort was spent digitally restoring images to remove unsightly blemishes.  Images are saved
in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Viewer (free software).  View literature on screen,
or print out at the size you desire (images suitable for framing).
( or trade )