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Seeburg Ed's
Models & Accessories
Select-o-Matic 200
• 45 rpm
Model 200C-1

A beautiful console combining the features of
the Select-O-Matic "200" Mechanism with a
high-fidelity pre-amplifier, 20 watt high-fidelity
power amplifier, and a dual high-fidelity
speaker.  These components are housed in
an attractively designed, well built red
mahogany cabinet with front doors of
beautifully matched crotch mahogany.  (Also
available in a light Korina wood finish.)  All
cabinet hardware and trim is of brushed
brass finish.  Volume, bass, treble, scan and
reject controls are incorporated.  All controls,
as well as the selector panel and magazine,
are located behind sliding plate glass doors.

•Wattage: 200 Watts (approx.)
•Weight: 225 Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 38-1/4 in.
•Width: 39-1/2 in.
•Depth: 20-1/4 in.
Library Unit
Model 200LU-1

The Library Unit houses the Select-O-Matic
mechanism in an attractive, limed oak
cabinet with a sturdily hinged plate glass
door.  It is equipped with a high fidelity
magnetic pickup and a high fidelity pre-
amplifier.  Conveniently located controls
include treble, bass, volume, scan and reject
button and panel illumination switch.

•Wattage: 150 Watts (approx.)
•Weight: 100 Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 16-1/2 in.
•Width: 38-1/2 in.
•Depth: 17-3/8 in.
Custom Unit
Model 200CU-1

The Custom Unit, designed for built-in
installations, requires only a small amount of
space.  Sliding metal tracks permit the unit to
be slid out when access to the mechanism
is necessary.  Natural Korina wood panel is
specially treated to permit refinishing to
match other wood finishes.  In all other
respects the Custom Unit is identical to the
Library Unit.

•Wattage: 150 Watts (approx.)
•Weight: 80 Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 16-3/16 in.
•Width: 38-1/2 in.
•Depth: 17-3/8 in.
Series 1
45 rpm models
Part No. 33014
As shown on the
Lubrication Charts.
Cleaning and Lubrication
To Cleaning and Lubrication
Part No. --------
I believe these came standard in the
coin-operated jukes, not sure if they
came with the non-coin-op's.
www.segalandassociates.com/VerizonVersion_SeeburgEds/id11.html ">Accessories
45 rpm models
Model 200C-2


•Wattage: 200 Watts (approx.)
•Weight: 225 Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 38-1/4 in.
•Width: 39-1/2 in.
•Depth: 20-1/4 in.
Series 2
45 rpm models
Library Unit
Model 100LU-2

Seeburg made and LU1 and and LU3 and
we see those all the time on ebay.  What
happened to the LU2?

Legend has it that the LU2 was a smaller
Select-o-Matic 100 (not 200) Library Unit
produced by Seeburg for salesmen.

Anybody who has caught a few episodes of
the Antiques Roadshow on TV will most likely
have seen a few minature  "Salesman
Samples".  Salesman samples were often
produced in a smaller scale for ease of
transportation by the salesmen.  Being a
travelling salesman and lugging a full size
cast-iron stove or refrigerator can get old
quick.  It seems totally plausible that Seeburg
produced these mini-LU's to help salesman
pitch their product.  Half the size, half the
weight, and all the features of the full size.

These units were produced in limited
numbers and mostly recalled by the factory
and destroyed.  If anyone has one, please
contact me.

•Wattage: 150 Watts (approx.)
•Weight: 60 Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 23-1/2 in. (approx.)
•Width: 38-1/2 in.
•Depth: 17-3/8 in.
Series 3
45 rpm models
Library Unit
Model 200LU-3


•Wattage: 150 Watts (approx.)
•Weight: 60 Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 23-1/2 in. (approx.)
•Width: 38-1/2 in.
•Depth: 17-3/8 in.