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Select-o-Matic 200
• 78 rpm
This is the Seeburg Basic Unit Model S-1.  Adroitly
designed and engineered, it is sufficiently flexible to
fulfill the requirements of any industrial or commercial
music system.

When equipped with AM - FM radio the Model S-1 will be
supplied with either a 20 or 70 watt power amplifier.

If radio service is not desired, combinations of a 20-watt
and a 70 watt amplifier may be used to provide power
output of 40, 90, or 140 watts.

In addition, the Model S-1 may be equipped with a dual-
line amplifier for two outgoing telephone lines.  This
permits sending music and paging to remote points
such as widely separated plants or a plant on the
outskirts which has an executive office in the downtown
area of a city.

All amplifiers may be connected for program (record
and radio) only, paging only or program and paging.

Attractive, sturdy, gray crackle-finish metal cabinet.

•Wattage: 20-140 watts
•Weight: ?
•Height: 37-1/2 in.
•Width: 57 in.
•Depth: 27-1/2 in.
Select-o-Matic 200 Library
Model SLBA-1

The revolutionary Seeburg Select-O-Matic "200" Library -
dressed in a finely styled cabinet of imported Avodire wood.  
This model is available to you as a complete unit with its own
speaker and amplifier.  However, the Seeburg has been
packaged so that it may be connected to play music over an
existing speaker and paging system or wired to your present
radio to bring completely selective recorded music.

These combinations are available:

Model SL-1.  The Select-o-matic 200 Library housed in its own

Model SLBA-1.  This combination includes the Select-O-Matic
200 Library and a base cabinet which includes speaker,
amplifier and record albums.

Model SLB-1.  This unit includes the Select-O-matic Library and
abase cabinet with albums but without speaker and amplifier.  It
is designed for use with existing equipment.

•Wattage: ? Watts (approx.)
•Weight: ? Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 45-1/2 in.
•Width: 52-1/2 in.
•Depth: 25-3/4 in.
Select-o-Matic 200 Library
Model SL-1

Contains the Select-O-Matic "200 Library only.  
When placed on top of the base cabinet below, it
becomes either the model SLBA-1 (with amplifier
and speaker) or the SLB-1 (without amplifier and

•Wattage: ? Watts (approx.)
•Weight: ? Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 27-3/8 in.
•Width: 52-1/2 in.
•Depth: 25-1/4 in.
Select-o-Matic 200 Library
Model BA-1 / B-1

The handsome base cabinet provides 12 albums
for storage of 144 additional records and may be
supplied with amplifier and speaker (BA-1) or
without amplifier and speaker (B-1).

•Wattage: ? Watts (approx.)
•Weight: ? Lbs (approx.)
•Height: 18-1/8 in.
•Width: 52-1/2 in.
•Depth: 25-3/4 in.
Seeburg Industrial Commercial Music (SCIM)
Model S-1
Select-o-Matic 200 Library
Model SLBA-2
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