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Seeburg Ed's
Back Access Panels
• See below for more information •
...protect than mechanism from dust
oh yeah, and your family from 110V!
Different models had different vent holes cut
into the back panel (3 different types).  Check
out the "
FMI" page for pictures of all three

At this point, I'm not offering replacement
panels, but rather a detailed plan with
specifications so you can recreate your own.  
Protect your jukebox and cover the cabinet
back (especially if you don't have a
mechanism cover) with a faithful reproduction.
This Seeburg jewel of engineering deserves
better than  a nasty piece of peg board.
Note: If you have a panel different than the one shown above, please send me a tracing of
it, and I'll send you a copy of a brochure or magazine ad in exchange.