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Seeburg Ed's
Replacement Lock
and Knob
• See below for more information •
...you'll frequently see Seeburg jukebox keys on ebay
- but never for the Library Units!
I have gotten a lot of requests for this item.  You'd be surprised at how many LU's are
missing the lock/knob.  The glass doors are pretty delicate and are regularly missing
altogether.  Once the glass breaks, the owner probably sets aside the knob and
eventually loses it.  Maybe Previous owners lose the key so they just remove the lock /
knob entirely.

Yes, you could modify a regular cam lock and get it to fit your glass door, but you won't
find one that's incorporated into a pull-knob like the one Seeburg specifically designed for
this jukebox.  A simple lock without the knob will lock your door, but you'll have a difficult
time trying to pull open that door.   You'll  have to pull the door open using the key as a
knob, which more often than not will just pull out before you get the door open
(swing-down doors have bullet style detentes with stiff springs - the door requires a bit of
effort to open).
Note: Reproduction Lock/Knob sets will enter limited production soon.   I am currently
taking order, so if you're interested don't wait, please contact me.