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Seeburg Ed's
Miniature LU Scale Model
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...Perfect for Display, Christmas Tree Ornament, or for Doll Houses
These cute little cardstock & wire miniatures are scale reproductions of the classic
Seeburg LU jukeboxes.  Both are drawn in CAD and printed in color  with attention to detail.

On the left you'll see the Seeburg Library Unit (simulating limed-oak finish) sitting on
hairpin leg base.  On the right you'll see the classic Seeburg Console Unit (simulating
Mahogany finish)

Suggested Uses:

Quarter dollar is only here for scale folks (not included so don't ask)
New Item
Available only at
Seeburg Ed's
Don't see your model jukebox?  Let me
know what model you'd like and I'll
recreate it for you.
The Library Unit and the Console models
are offered fully-assembled, or in kit
form for the Do-It-Youselfer.