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Seeburg Ed's
Title Strip Index Book
a.k.a. Program Book
a.k.a. Selective Recorded Music Service Index
• for 45, 78, and 33-1/3 rpm jukeboxes •
These title strip index folios/sheets are designed, fabricated, and sold  
exclusively by
"SeeburgEds.com".  When designing this system, I added
a few features to make it flexible and adaptable to all jukeboxes rather
than just Library Units.  In order to keep costs down, the system consists
of individual folios or sheets that fit any standard binder.  Here are some

than hens' teeth!
New Title Strip Index Folio System
by Seeburg Ed
Inside an original Seeburg Selective
Recorded Music Service Index Book
For comparison, I'm including images of
original Seeburg index books.  Above is
an inside view of the hard-to-find 78/45
rpm book.  The last one that went
through ebay sold for over $200 and it
wasn't anywhere near mint condition.
The options are nearly limitless.  Above are just two inexpensive
examples of possible off-the-shelf binders you can purchase
locally.  On the left is a leather covered 2- post binder, the kind
they sell for photo albums.  On the right is a standard vinyl 3-ring
binder available at any discount office superstore.  Just purchase
the folios from Seeburg Ed and place them in your binder - it's
that easy.  You can even get a clear window binder and print out
a cover like the originals shown on the left.
Binders Galore
An original 45/78 rpm Seeburg Selective
Recorded Music Service Index Book
An original 33-1/3 rpm Seeburg
Program Book & Instructions
Instructions for loading an Original
45/78 rpm Index