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Seeburg Ed's
Technical  Help
and Where to Get It
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Musical Fun for Everyone
Original Jukebox Parts

Administrator Technical Services
The Jukebox Jukeyard

Owner of The Jukeyard

Nick's Jukebox Repair

Bill Butterfield
Roy Dean
Ray Lemieux
Larry Nickerson
Tony Miller's Homepage
Seeburg jukeboxes and
Home Units of the 60's, 70's, and early 80's

Mike Zuccaro
Expert vintage electronic repairman,
jukebox restorer and author of the following:

The Forum for people who are interested in:

The Jukebox Gallery
Visit the largest showroom in Europe
Packed with coin-op collectibles

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Seeburg Jukebox Information Club
The Jukebox Works

George Cernetig
Planet Parts

Durfee Coin-Op
Warren Rowe

Jukebox Friday Night

Bill Bickers
A-1 Jukebox & Nostalgia, Inc

Ken Arnold & Patrick Kubricky
Vern Lock
Juke Box Junction

Los Angeles Jukebox Company

Mike Pearlman
RMS Restorations

Warren has been repairing all
makes and models of jukeboxes
for over 53 years.   Personally

Coming soon - LU stereo
conversion by Warren
Ryan Seal
Rick Murray