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Wedge Smart Level Instruction Manual

Need to Reset or SuperSet SuperReset Your Wedge Electronic Level?

How to download the Wedge SmartLevel Instruction Manual...

First, please click one or more of the following, register and confirm. They are all free (no credit card, and maqy actually be something you want. Your registration gives me points, or disk space online.

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Download Link File Size (Bytes) MD5 Checksum
SmartLevel 5,658,739 fc2b82e624f061a67fa01984a6d3302b

Original Manual (from Wedge Inovation)

If your Wedge SmartLevel has the buttons marked like this:
Wedge Innovation Smart Level
Link File Size (Bytes) MD5 Checksum
Orig 792,576 4fcf822411ffc85080224b4e5811d427