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Looking for a Rockola O Amplifier Schematic that you can read?
I have remastered the schematic
Just Looking for the SVG? (Scales to ANY Size)! I used InkScape to create it.
Want a PDF version?

This site more of an information site than anything else.
I sell some stuff, but I also include pages that help consumers, businesses and things that interest me (I know there are social websites out there, but I prefer to do my thing here).

Some of the things you will find in this website:
I try to offer as many free things, or links to cool sites that I can.

Our goal is to:

  • Help new businesses get on the web, promote their business, be more efficient, or get custom programming.
  • Get useful information to those hobbyists working on Seeburg Jukeboxes
  • Help People Keep Their Stuff - Asset Protection. If you have any assets, you are a target for a lawsuit.
  • Cool Sites
  • Show Where You Can Get Free Stuff
  • Recommend services
  • Publicize Our Observations - charities that I have in some way experienced - some help, others are more of a pain

Links to HTTPS and HTTP Sites (These are links to some of the other sites I maintain, they are just here for my ease of going between sites)