This is both a social experiment, and a request for donations.

[This page is here to see that we were BEFORE kickstarter!]
Are you willing to give money to a total stranger?How about a few cents?

We have all seen the guys on the freeway exits, with signssaying they are homeless. I have seen people hand the "homeless"$10 $20 and more! Yes, some of these people need help, but mostof them beg for a living. And they get a LOT of money! Day after day they are there. Did youever see them leave? See what car they hop into? See where they live?
You'd be surprised as to how much money some of these people make per day.

I am wondering if anyone would donate money to me.

Here is my story:

   I am not homeless, I rent an apartment.
   I have enough money to live on.
   I have been unemployed for over a year, and unable to find a new job. Meanwhile, my 401-K plummeted in value.

I would like to reach for the stars, and decided that I would like to open my own business. Not a get rich quick scheme, but something I will need to work atto make it grow. I have secured all the funding I need except for the last $3500.
Once I have opened my business, I will announce it on this page.

As part of my business plan, I haven't forgotten the community. I am going to work on at least 3 rooms for children each year, and the work will be done at hospitals, churches, or a bedroom at home.

I am asking for donations of any size, from a couple of pennies on up. Your donations will help me start a business, and allow me to reach one of my lifetime goals while taking care of my family.

So please donate any amount at all. It is all appreciated!

You must be 18 or older to contribute.
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