Diabetes mellitus, often referred to simply as diabetes is a syndrome of disordered metabolism, usually due to a combination of hereditary and environmental causes, resulting in abnormally high blood sugar levels Blood glucose levels are controlled by a complex interaction of multiple chemicals and hormones in the body, including the hormone insulin made in the beta cells of the pancreas. Diabetes mellitus refers to the group of diseases that lead to high blood glucose levels due to defects in either insulin secretion or insulin action in the body.

Diabetes develops due to a diminished production of insulin or resistance to its effects and gestational Both lead to hyperglycemia, which largely causes the acute signs of diabetes: excessive urine production, resulting compensatory thirst and increased fluid intake (several Big Gulps an hour don't do anything for the thirst), blurred vision, unexplained weight loss, lethargy, changes in energy, and vomiting

All forms of diabetes have been treatable since insulin became medically available in 1921, but there is no cure. The injections by a syringe, insulin pump, or insulin pen deliver insulin, which is a basic treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 is managed with a combination of dietary treatment, exercise, medications and insulin supplementation.

Many diabetes patients are trying to get insurance companies to pay for Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM), which read blood sugars many times during the day. This means less painful pin pricks, and the CGM provides a trend, allowing the patient to see what happens between pin prick Glucose testing. The CGMs often have alarms, which can warn a patient if their glucose level is tending to go high, or low - both of which are harmful.

CGM is not experimental, and some patients have been able to get coverage for the CGM device and sensors. todo: add CGM references and sample letters to insurance companies for coverage

Lancet Devices

I hate changing lancets in my lancet device. Every time I need a finger prick (yes I know there are alternate sites, but they are often not reliable), I need to exchange lancets.

I found the Accu-Chek MultiClix lancet device to be the absolute best! It is a about the same size as an easy grip pen.  The cartridge holds 6 lancets, and they are only exposed when you click the lancet device. No pricking your fingers when you change lancets! Because each cartridge holds 6 lancets, the standard package is 102 lancets (17 cartridges), instead of 100. I was able to obtain a few of these on eBay for $10 including shipping when bidding on Accu-Chek Aviva meter kits.


Glycohemoglobin A1C [GHb A1c, HbA1c, Or A1c]

is a blood test that checks the amount of glucose bound to hemoglobin [Glycohemoglobin], and checks the long-term control of blood glucose levels in people with diabetes. IT provides an average of glucose levels over the past 90 days. Normally, only a small percentage of hemoglobin in the blood (4% to 6%) has glucose bound to it.  Most doctors think the Glycohemoglobin A1c level is the best way to check how well a person is controlling his or her diabetes (you also can't cheat on this test!). A home blood glucose test measures the level of blood glucose only at that moment. Blood glucose levels change during the day because of diet, exercise, and the level of insulin in the blood. The A1c recommendations vary slightly by organization, and vary by age.

The ADA recommends:
Age A1c %
less than 6 years old 7.5 to 8.5%
6 to 12 years old Less than 8%
13 to 19 years old Less than 7.5%

A1c Level (%) Average Plasma Glucose Equivalent (mg/dL)
12 345
11 310
10 275
9 240
8 205
7 170
6 135

Important Note About Plasma Glucose VS Whole Blood Glucose!

Glucose levels in plasma (a component of blood)are generally 10-15% higher than glucose measurementsin whole blood (and even more after eating).This is important because home blood glucose metersoften measure the glucose in whole blood while most lab tests measurethe glucose in plasma. There are home glucose meters on the market thatgive results as "plasma equivalent".This allows you to easily compare your lab glucose tests to home testing.Remember, this is just the way that the measurement is presented to you.All home blood glucose meters measure the amount of glucose in whole blood, butthe meters that give "plasma equivalent" readings have a built in algorithmthat translates the whole blood measurement what may be obtainedin a lab test. It is important for you and your healthcare providerto know whether your meter gives its results as "whole blood equivalent"or "plasma equivalent." If you are unsure, call your meter manufacturer tofind out.

What Does Insulin Smell Like?

The best description I can think of is that it smells like a Bandaid

Help For Costs of Diabetes Care

If you would like your organization listed here, please contact us
Diabetic Foundation
The Diabetic Foundation raises money for poor families with Juvenile Diabetes. We provide grants ranging from $100 per month to $250 per month per family to help them pay for their co-pays, medical supplies or any other expenses associated with diabetes
On dlife.com people with diabetes can find information about diabetes and its management, become a part of the dlife community, and create a personal diabetes profile that can help them cope with their day to day life. Use this page to find out financial help for diabetes care."
Charles Ray III Diabetes Association
The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association, Inc. will encourage people with Diabetes to take control of their health by providing medical devices and supplies to those unable to afford the cost. We want to provide the necessary tools to monitor diabetes such as free glucose meters and testing strips while offering substantial discounts for insulin pumps and insulin pump supplies. This program will allow each diabetic we assist to be a healthy candidate when a cure is developed. We are able to provide this service through purchases made from our ink/ printer online store, donations from the general public and one major fund raiser a year (The Charles Ray III Diabetes Association & The Rotary Club of West Raleigh Golf Classic).

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