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  • 000WebHost is one of those things you really don't think exist. A full featured web host for your domain, or use one of theirs. No advertising on the pages. FREE. Yes I said free. The free hosting is supported by users who pay under $5/month to host their sites with unlimited bandwidth, and a few more features.

    Drawbacks? Your site is monitored for illegal activities, fishing etc. When you first come up, your site may be down for a few hours while it is thoroughly examined. To get around this, upload your website, and then wait for the review to be completed (it is done by humans) (you may need to send in a support ticket, but the review is completed within 24 hours) and then change your DNS server.

    There is an upgrade option for $4.84 a month, which gives more email features (a catchall for one) unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web sites, and it helps support the free website users.

    So what does the free site offer?

    • Free Web Hosting without advertising
    • Disk Space 1500 MB
    • Bandwidth 100,000 MB = 100 GB!
    • Domains Allowed Unlimited
    • Control Panel cPanel
    • Ads on your pages? No Ads or Banners!
    • Your own ads allowed? Yes
    • Website Builder
    • PHP Scripts Autoinstaller
    • Unrestricted PHP Support
      • Cron Jobs
      • Curl
      • GD
      • PHP Pear Modules
    • MySQL Databases
    • Instant Backups
    • FTP Support
    • Web File Manager
    • 99% Uptime
    • Instant Activation
    • POP3 Accounts
    • Web Mail
    • Spam Protection
    • Mail Forwarding
    • IMAP Support
    • Modify MX Entry
    • Latest cPanel
    • Website Builder
    • Fantastico Autoinstaller
    • Getting Started Wizard
    • Video Tutorials
    • Multi Language Support
    • Hotlink Protection
    • IP Deny Manager
    • Redirect URL
    • Password Protected Directories
    • Web Based File Manager
    • phpMyAdmin

    All these features and much more are made available to you upon sign up, completely free of charge! There's simply no other free web hosting service out there that we have found that can match the feature-rich service.