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Remastered Schematic for Rockola 1422 Jukebox, O AmplifierI have remastered the Rockola O amp because the versions I found were poor quality, and hard to read. The amp schematicin the purchased service manuals did not contain the "O" Amplifier schematic.
I have tried to get everything accurate, but if you find any mistakes, please let me know.

I have two versions for you to download:

INKSCAPE Version (SVG File) - I used InkScape to create this, but it should be able to be viewed in most browsers. The SVG file contains all the components that can be easily edited by an SVG editor. An SVG file can be changed to fit on ANY size of paper, and still be clean.

PDF Version - the PDF was created from the INKSCAPE version, and may have minor differences.

I am putting these into the public domain so that others can easily obtain the information.