Downloadable Jukebox Manuals
For the
Seeburg AY100, AY160, AY100U, AY160U, Y100, and Y160
Picture of my Seeburg AY160 Jukebox
I have edited some of the manuals for the Seeburg Y160 series of jukeboxes. While most of the changes are made to the illustrations (color coding, labeling) I have made minor changes to the texts.
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Type Download Link Part File Size (Bytes) MD5 Checksum SHA1 CRC32
RAR AY160 P1 Part1 104,857,600 2fde8b9514c2150b7d434aaeaa221559 e0e003e3c88246b50e9d8e0575e461984a27ceb3 069876e4
RAR AY160 P2 Part2 104,857,600 be04b774a1763f6fe6789cf51691ba46 edaabe4156749e27a5f524638b7cc59e5862e31a 925510d1
RAR AY160 P3 Part3 69,654,819 7f29e3f47d5fe6928de56ce842e83373 6c30aa8360f138493f1241d44eaa858348432a70 729e5a43
ZIP AY160 All 279,536,479 e21a3ee2fd9db39a117bc73c6f3f98c6 84649ff2ce28c87abd9197078e3f010d0a6911f9 4ceabbe8