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Buyer Beware/Stupidity: Warnings And News For Consumers

Found On Angies List
Many doctors have you sign an agreement that says you will NOT comment on the care they give you. Read this story! Read Page 6

Shame On These Companies:

Read about cancelling says you can cancel online, but this actually is not possible. You must call their customer service number to cancel (and they try and talk you into keeping the service Takes a long time out of your day!
American Home Sield
A guy walks into an insurance agents office, and says his A/C stopped working,\it needs to be replaced. Insurance agent says its not covered.Narrator: But his air conditioner would have been covered... American Home Shield.

Really, what about these facts:
AHS covers up to $10 per pound of refrigerant for the unit should it need to be recharged.Older R-22 can be as much as $50 per pound.(A/C units hold 2-4 pounds of refrigerant per ton)Typical residential air conditioning units hold from 5 to 15 pounds of R-22.If a coil has to be replaced or there is a leak the cost of refillingthe refrigerant could be $250 to $750.

During an Agreement Term, AHS will pay for access, diagnosis, and replacement related to necessary or required Heating and Air Conditioning system efficiencyand other upgrades except: (1) costs associated with plenums and refrigerantline sets and (2) any other Heating and Air Conditioning-specificlimitations and exclusions in your Agreement.A "necessary or required upgrade" is a replacement improving manufacturerspecification energy efficiency or system performancedue to circumstances beyond the control of you or AHS(such as inability to obtain parts/equipment or governmentmandated system modifications).

We don't cover: Window units, Water towers, Chillers, Chiller components,Water lines,Legally mandated diagnostic testing when replacing heating or cooling equipment.

Certain air conditioning systems have their coverage limited to $1,500. This limitation only applies to the access, diagnosis, and repair or replacement of any geothermal and/or water source heat pumps, glycol, hot water, or steam circulating systems. In certain circumstances, ductwork coverage may be to $1,000. For more details, please read the "Air Conditioning and Heating Note" in the sample contract.

Besides the specific terms listed here, coverage may be limited by general exclusions and limitations in your home warranty contract. For more coverage information, please read the sample contract, including but not limited to, the "Coverage Overview" and "Limitations and Exclusions" sections.

Vandalism, Fires Etc: Your home insurance will probably cover costs, while AHS will not!

Bottom Line: Make sure you read the contract and exclusions COMPLETELY and UNDERSTAND THEM. If you are tempted to buy one of these contracts based on the TV ad, be wary! Call an HVAC contractor in your area, and ask about a service contract with them. HINT: National companies tend to be higher in price. ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS! Do not forget to include the cost of ther service call by AHS in your calculations!

For complaints, please readSome AHS Complaints
Ridiculous Advertising
Oxiclean “Test Lab” commercial.Anthony Sullivan is a lab, dressed in a white lab coat. holding a clipboard.He states "We read the care labels on thousands of white garments” and “were surprised they had this warning symbol, which means do not use chlorine bleach.” A large amount of white clothes fall on the floor from the ceiling into a pile. The announcer then says that OxiClean White Revive is the clear choice, and concludes: “Get the tough stains out without the worry of chlorine bleach.”This is stupid beyond stupid. Why would you be in a label wearing a white lab coat toread labels? And Anthony Sullivan in a lab coat? Shame on Church & Dwight’s. I am still not going touse your products just because I hate all the stupid advertising (Anthony Sullivan miniaturized ina washing machine tub) etc.
WGU - Western Governers University.Two owls, the one behind the book says "So I don't need to learn something I already knew."To this higher education - I didn't know you are able to learn something if you already knew it.
Percil Pro Clean."We have tested OVER 10,000 staings...." - then "we created a new stain...." - to which the firstactor says make that 10,000 and one. Well, isnt "Over 10,000" inclusive of 10,001?

The worst Hypocracy- Credit Reporting Agencies

- The Credit Reporting Agency.They had a data breach an estimated 143 million Americans affected. And they advertise credit monitoring. The get the credit information from companies for free. They charge you and companies for them to spit the info back.
They charge you for monitoring when they spit the information back out.
Experian -   They are advertising on TV for a free "dark web scan", and try and sellyou credit monitoring. Th "By clicking Start Scan: I accept... your Ad Targeting Policy. I also understand that... you may use my e-mail address to contact me about your Experian IdentityWorksSM product, or other products that may be of interest to me." You should know that their "Dark Web Scan" doesn't mean anything. It is just a search of known sites, you could probably get a better scan from google for free. Your email address doesn't mean anything to your identify in credit reports!

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